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Electrochemistry Essays

Electrochemistry Essays Electrochemistry Essay Electrochemistry Essay Everything began of nothing. A mustard seed can't be acknowledged until it sprout it leaves and develop tall. I was once similar to a seed and the information fills in as the supplements that help my development. Step by step new information is infused in my psyche through encounters and training that I take. Previously, everything was an inquiry and even the inquiries I raised were restricted and shallow. As I gradually took the street and have my pace, questions sprung up and through ordinary learning, they were replied. Nearly everything tumbles to wrong suppositions and theories. Be that as it may, with the assistance of the individuals who made in front of strides, learning was never as troublesome as including the sands in the coastline. Information and thoughts stay an exercise except if the person who knows put it into application. Everything that we got the hang of, everything that I learned and will be found out will be best assessed when it is applied in reality. Indeed, e ven a solitary exercise has its huge reason. It molds us to be an individual. Before I took this course I felt energized however apprehensive. I was energized that another information is sitting tight for me to learn in someway I was worried about the possibility that that the information will simply go without me gaining from it. At the point when I take a gander at the schedule, everything is unfamiliar to me. A few points were recently realized that time. Previously, I take a gander at science as a subject just managing synthetic compounds and might be helpful for industry and such. It went incredibly when I realize that science is additionally helpful in settling violations. In deciding a unique mark a silver nitrate is utilized. I used to take a gander at this concoction as valuable just in evacuating moles and tattoos. With this new thought, my psyche and heart tie. As it were, the theme pushes me or rouses me to concentrate more on science. Electrochemistry additionally helped me in the option of information. At the point when I take a gander at a vehicle battery, it would seem that an enormous division of cells with a fluid in the middle. I wonder before how those put away vitality are transmitted into another type of vitality. One stunning piece of it is the response of synthetics to shape such vitality. I was additionally stunned one time when I separate the hydrogen and oxygen from water. I directed some examination about it and discovered that in light of electrolysis and different responses, the hydrogen particle ties with another hydrogen iota to frame a hydrogen gas. Hydrogen is combustible. It is utilized in air inflatables or carriers. Mind the everyday exercises, science forms a specific territory of my character. Because of it I’m not, at this point uninformed to some fundamental and normal genuine exercises. Speculations are significant in learning. It is the establishment of information. Some of the time a specific territory or field of study is best learned or learned quicker when placed into application, for example, research center exercises. In this sort of learning, hypotheses are found out as well as envisioned also. One specific zone or action that I like is the point at which I composed a content. Previously, when I saw films managing science, it truly flabbergasted me. I truly appreciate how essayists simultaneously learn science when he used to the field of writing, in spite of the fact that it need additionally to have that information to have an awesome stories. Content composing didn't just improve the manner in which I think yet in addition causes me to secure new information. At the point when I scanned for a concoction that will utilized as an approach to murder the casualty in the story the procedure made me knew some substance properties. This action additionally broad ens my insight in investigating. In research you should get the most huge data. You should peruse nearly everything that is identified with your point. One thing that urged me to endeavor is the fun of doing it. It resembles playing, you have just practiced and simultaneously appreciate. Information or instruction should be charming with the goal that it won't just hold yet help the procedure much quicker. For instance, the point of solidification of a salt is under zero degrees Celsius and when an ice is blended in with salt the ice will be even cooler.â By this we can't value the significance of suck thought. On the off chance that you attempt to see some frozen yogurt merchants (the individuals who sell dessert on avenues without the utilization of cooler) you will see that their dessert tubes are encircled with ice. Presently attempt to place water in a glass and let it be encircled with ice, the water won't transform into ice. The frozen yogurt stays as it is on the grounds t hat the ice encompassing it is blended in with salt. It couldn't be any more obvious, that’s the significance of utilization; you will realize the thought better. At the point when I explored for that content, everything was an exertion. Arrangement of readings and arrangement or data search. Despite the fact that I was just planned to get the data for that particular action, I had the option to gain some significant data about synthetic substances and obviously, about science. Another movement that is energizing is the point at which I select an issue that is pertinent to the general public. Numerous issues happen because of absence of data about the every day movement. In canned items, subsequent to opening the can, the substance ought to be moved to a plastic or non-receptive material in the event that it will be expended in a later time. At the point when a food is let to be put away in a half day inside the can, it will prompt harming (just a limited quantity of poisonous). A can is made principally out of metal especially the iron. At the point when iron is presented to air it will respond with oxygen and along these lines will get destr uctive to our body. There are likewise issues with the items as far as synthetic compounds utilized. A few synthetics are unsafe to our body when taken in a more noteworthy sum. Like the toothpaste, fluoride can clean the teeth yet with charm a lot of fluoride the hardness of the teeth is reduced. Issues on ecological and cultural territory built up my psychological mindfulness on certain things that are nearly neglected.â Many abilities were created as I proceed with the course. My imagination was additionally evolved when I composed the content. Expertise in exploring was additionally evolved. This is significant, a decent establishment in exploring is fundamental for future investigations. My aptitude in basic reasoning was likewise evolved. Each action, the utilization of my mind fills in as an activity for it to think astutely and basically. My aptitude in leading test was additionally evolved. During research facility exercises, I should follow the techniques as well as real ize the explanation in leading the investigation. Interest is the essential issue. Numerous incredible researcher created idea and concoct the item out of it. My aptitude in thinking was likewise evolved. New strategies were found out and new thoughts were earned. With it I come up and figured out how to reason out accurately and deductively. Before taking this course I just knew not many. My interest is likewise constrained. With this course I had the option to know the more profound side of the subject. I figured out how to explore. As what we as a whole know, training is a proceeding with process and what is increasingly significant is the utilization of information. All we need is astuteness: the correct use of information. Additionally, learning resembles composing an article. Everything begins fro a solitary speck, at that point as you go on you won't notice that you previously composed in excess of a page. One thing that is with composing; you can compose boundless thoughts which additionally implies you can get boundless information.

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Key Features of the Cosmological Argument Essays

Key Features of the Cosmological Argument Essays Key Features of the Cosmological Argument Paper Key Features of the Cosmological Argument Paper Look at the key thoughts of the cosmological contention. The cosmological contention looks to demonstrate the presence of God on the premise that the universe has not generally been in presence thus for it to be made, an outer reason was important; this outside operator is seen as God. It makes a posteriori information which gives inductive clarifications and makes ends on thoughts dependent on genuine encounters. It is a non-propositional contention so it can't be demonstrated however can be contended by offering experience as help. Despite the fact that the cosmological contention was communicated by Aquinas it was initially presented and impacted by Aristotle. Aristotle expressed ‘the arrangement must beginning with something since nothing can emerge out of nothing’. This recommends Aristotle accepted that the making of universe is reliant on a preeminent, extreme essential mover, and is along these lines a ‘unmoved mover’. By and large it is the crucial reason for the formation of the universe, and is distinguished in Christianity as God. Aristotle convinced this utilizing the possibility of planet movement which he featured as the reason for the difference in seasons. For this change to occur, it required a ‘unmoved mover’ who might be equipped for maintaining request of the universe during the modifications. Aquinas utilized this idea as the work of God. Thomas Aquinas created Aristotle’s thoughts and offered the ‘Five Ways’ which have the plan to demonstrate the presence of God. Three of the five structure the cosmological contention. The primary way is movement, the second is cause and the third is need and possibility. Aquinas proposed the method of movement through the possibility that on the planet a few things are moving and whatever is moved will be moved by another. He contended that it is incomprehensible for something to be both mover and moved. Movement is along these lines a difference in state and isn't only development in reality starting with one spot then onto the next. Be that as it may, movement requires a clarification since nothing can be in both probability and reality in a similar regard. Something is expected to realize the change, accordingly demonstrating God as the initiator of progress and movements in every way. The subsequent way; cause starts from the idea of productive reason. Aquinas expressed ‘.. t is important to admit to a first effective purpose, to which everybody gives the name of God. ’ Aquinas rejects interminable relapse yet demands that without a first reason there could be no resulting causes and consequently without a first reason, there would be nothing by any means. In this way, it is important to admit to a first effective aim given the name God. Aquinas contends the third method of need and po ssibility through the view that creatures or things known to man are equipped for existing and not existing. The nearness of every thing must be disclosed by reference to factors which themselves rely upon. The components require thinking as a vital being who is dependant on only itself. This being is recognized as God. Aquinas contends that the very idea of things known to man requests that God exists essentially and not unexpectedly. Aquinas third way bolsters the cosmological contention as things are reliant on their maker hence something must be free with the goal for things to be made in this way this something is viewed as God.

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Blog Archive MBA Mission Now On Beat the GMAT and Twitter At mbaMission we are constantly trying to expand our reach and services â€" particularly those that are free. This year, via our partnership with ManhattanGMAT, we have been and continue to host live events (see our upcoming events) on school selection, long term planning, essay writing, interview preparation and more in New York City, Chicago, Silicon Valley, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, DC and Atlanta as well as live online. Via our blog, free consultations  and message board activities on BusinessWeek, Pagalguy and ManhattanGMAT, we offer free advice each day to thousands. Via our own newsletter and the GMATTERS newsletter, we offer specialized tips to tens of thousands. Now, we are once again expanding our scope to include a Twitter feed and yet another dedicated message board, through the vibrant online community at Beat the GMAT.   We are proud to have been asked to join the Beat the GMAT community and look forward to adding our own unique voice.   Share ThisTweet Blogroll

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Roosevelt, Immigration, and Americanism Essay example

As one of the presidents during the Progressive Era, Theodore Roosevelt led the United States of America through a series of dramatic changes that interrupted the lives and ideologies that Americans during the time were more than familiarized with. Industrialization, women’s suffrage, the sexual revolution, imperialism, and â€Å"muckraking† journalism were just a few of the controversial, yet significant characteristics of this era. However, perhaps one of the largest and most vital influences during this time period came from the outside. Immigration was an issue that Roosevelt himself addressed rather perceptibly in his paper entitled â€Å"True Americanism,† which first appeared in a magazine called The Forum in April, 1894. However, it is not†¦show more content†¦The immigrants were not the only ones undergoing difficulty, however. The United States also experienced difficulty taking in the immigrants. Since almost all immigrants were in dire need o f jobs, they tended to settle in urban areas where jobs could be easily located. Often times, immigrants would settle in areas dominated by other immigrants who speak the same language or were from the same country. Consequently, the cities became more congested than ever, and city services were not always successful in keeping up with the surge of newcomers. Although most immigrants were able to find and pursue jobs, many of them were jobs that native-born Americans refused to practice. Regardless of their jobs, living conditions, and/or nationalities, immigrants grew to play a huge part in many areas of American society. According to Roosevelt, Americanism is a characteristic of those Americans who perform their allotted tasks by facing them steadily and bravely, seeing but not fearing the dangers (6). It is a sense of brotherhood. As Roosevelt states in his paper: â€Å"Above all, we must stand shoulder to shoulder, not asking as to the ancestry or creed of our comrades [immigrants], but only demanding that they be in very truth Americans, and that we all work together, heart, hand, and head, for the honor and the greatness of our common country (6).† Roosevelt categorizesShow MoreRelatedRoosevelt, Immigration, and â€Å"Tru Americanism†1706 Words   |  7 PagesTheodore Roosevelt led the United States of America through a series of dramatic changes that interrupted the lives and ideologies that Americans during the time were more than familiarized with. Industrialization, women’s suffrage, the sexual revolution, imperialism, and â€Å"muckraking† journalism were just a few of the controversial, yet significant characteristics of this era. However, perhaps one of the largest and most vital influences during this time period came from the outside. Immigration was anRead MoreThe New Colossus By Jane Addams Essay1364 Words   |  6 PagesImmigration to America is often a decision based solely on the idea that America has some sort of redeeming qualities for a chance at a better life. America’s founding ideals of â€Å"life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness† are what compel foreigners to escap e the troubles and oppression of their homeland and cross over onto American soil. The tales of America being the â€Å"land of opportunity† have continued to lure and attract people to immigrate. The Industrial Revolution of the nineteenth centuryRead MoreGerstle s Historiographical Of Mainstream Americanism1327 Words   |  6 Pages2016 Gerstle’s Historiographical of Mainstream Americanism Gary Gerstle attempts to reinterpret twentieth-century American history in light of the power of race (and to a much lesser extent, or even not at all, class and gender). The American Crucible conceptualizes American liberals as well as whiteness scholars’ synthetic historiographical interpretations on mainstream Americanism like Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt- Theodore Roosevelt especially, due the author’s attention to the meaningRead MoreThe Issue Of Immigration Has Been On The Forefront Major Debates1684 Words   |  7 PagesThroughout America’s history, the issue of immigration has been on the forefront major debates. Immigration is among one of the most stimulating topics of discussion. Often when discussing immigration the question of assimilation also arises and whether or not immigrants are truly doing so. Since the beginning of this country, immigrants and even natives of the land have been pressured to assimilate to â€Å"American† Culture and to commit to its standards. When a group of people fail to assimilate toRead MoreThe Rights Of A Citizen1247 Words   |  5 Pagessupport our constitution and defend it. Along with defending our country, if it was needed, We have to respect the laws and other citizens. Franklin D. Roosevelt spoke during his presidency in 1943 saying, â€Å"The principle on which this country was founded and by which it has always been governed is that Americanism is a matter of the mind and heart; Americanism is not, and never was, a matter of race and ancestry. A good American is one who is loyal to this country and to our creed of liberty and democracyRead MoreWorld War I And The Great War1488 Words   |  6 Pagesinvolvement in the war as a beneficial event. The most significant change that came as a result of American involvement in World War I was social change. When World War I began in 1915, it coincided with a rise of radicalism and a new wave of immigration. Both of these events fostered their own form of social change that grew and matured as the war went on and America entered. The radicalists of the IWW and the members of the socialist party assertively opposed American involvement in the war. ManyRead MoreThe Popularization Of Technology : The Development Of Urbanization And Urbanization1063 Words   |  5 Pagesmassive inclination of immigration. In 1880 to 1910, there was a 280% influx of the amount of miners, 100% for textile workers, and 230% increase of railway workers (Lebergott, 1966). Stanley Lebergott, an economist from Wesleyan University, demonstrated that there was a 42.3% inflation of non farming labor force jobs in retrospect to farming jobs from 1800-1910. (Lebergott, 1966). The rise of technology brought the ri se of potential careers which allowed for the rise of immigration. These series of coherentRead MoreHow Did The Cold War Affect Asian American Experiences?1030 Words   |  5 PagesAsian Americans against racism would invite condemnation of the white Americans. Nevertheless, famed Americans of Asian origin voiced against racism. Until the year 1950, the Japanese were kept beyond the purview of new immigration reforms. Early 1950s saw the Japanese given immigration rights to join hands with Americans to fight communism, which had earlier invaded China by the late 1940s. In 1945, America allowed its citizens who fought the war in different parts of Asia to bring their wives fromRead MoreCauses Of The Irish Famine1370 Words   |  6 Pagesafter a few years with newly acquired wealth was one of the main reasons they came to the United States. America served as a symbol of something higher monetary prosperity. It represented the hope of freedom. The most important reason for Chinese im migration was economic hardship due to the growing British dominance over China after Britain defeated China in the Opium War. As they struggled to find work, Chinese immigrants were fighting for their lives. During their first few decades in the United StatesRead MoreThe Global War to the Great Depression627 Words   |  2 Pages desired no part in this scramble for order, turning its back to the international world. Through the Great War to the Great Depression, the transforming world not only caused America to withdraw from the world, but also allowed Franklin Delano Roosevelt an opportunity to refine all aspects of American standards and life. Despite only a brief participation in the Great War, a diplomatically satiated America swiftly closed its doors to the international world. However, this was not without good reason;

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The Perception of the Homeless - 1206 Words

There are over 3.5 million homeless people in the United States alone (National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness). Within this amount of people there are challenges beyond not having a home that the majority of citizens with a home do not face. These include: thinking about appearance, quality and source of food, living space, and source of money. Those mentioned are just a few things that non-homeless people may overlook when thinking about the challenges of homelessness. As a nation the way we perceive others around us comes into play here. Intentionally or not, homeless people are often judged based on their situation, rather than who they are. This may exist due to the communication barrier between the homeless and†¦show more content†¦The United States is a more developed country. Due to this fact, there may be assumptions that homelessness is not a problem. It’s more of a problem in this community than one may think. It may appear that there are not many homeless people, although there different definitions of homelessness. To be considered as homeless does not just mean sleeping on the street. There are people that live in their cars, live from house to house otherwise known as †couch surfing†, and people that find shelters in established buildings for those without homes. There is not just one group of people that homelessness affects; it is widely spread across our community. Homelessness is a huge problem in the US as far as industrialized countries, as it has been consistently growing in the past few decades. Out of twenty-five of the richest industrialized countries, the US has the highest childhood poverty rate. According to Dr. Donna M. Beegle, author of See Poverty†¦ Be the Difference, 37 million Americans live below the federal poverty guideline. Families USA states that as of 2014, the federal poverty guideline for one person is a salary of $11,670. There are a great deal more people living bel ow the federal poverty line that locally then most would think. Research indicates that Oregon has a 12.1% poverty rate. This is truly high considering that the highest poverty rate is Mississippi with a rate of 22 percent (Beegle 22). It’sShow MoreRelatedThe Perception of the Homeless1092 Words   |  5 PagesThere are over 3.5 million homeless people in the United States alone (National Student Campaign against Hunger and Homelessness). Within this amount of people there are challenges beyond not having a home that most citizens with a home do not face that include thinking about appearance, quality and source of food, living space, and source of money. These are just a few things that non-homeless may overlook when thinking about the challenges of homelessness. The way that we as a nation perceive othersRead MoreStudent s Perceptions Of Homeless Persons Essay886 Words   |  4 Pages Student’s Perceptions of Homeless Persons Of Different Ethnic or Racial Heritage Kevin Knox Missouri State University Summer 2015 Submitted to: Dr. Michelle Day Dr. Joan McClennen â€Æ' The life experience students in the human services field bring with them may affect their ability to interact with certain populations. These life experiences form the basis of each individual’s perceptions of certain situations, populations, or individuals. These perceptions may be influenced by their politicalRead MoreAnalyzing Self Awareness Amongst the Vulnerable Populations in United States1360 Words   |  5 Pages Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Identify a vulnerable population- homeless population: 3 The populations demographics: 4 Personal awareness of the population: Attitudes, biases, and stereotypes. 4 Effect of research on personal attitudes: 5 How knowledge can affect health care delivery: 5 Mechanism to deal with the situation: 6 Self-reflection to evaluate perceptions: 6 Conclusion: 7 References: 8 Introduction: Read MoreThe Effects Of Homelessness On The Homeless Population1372 Words   |  6 PagesHomelessness The term to describe the homeless may have changed over time, however the issue of housing insecurity has remained for some Americans throughout history (Kusmer, 2001). Although the homeless population has always maintained in the United States, homelessness became a national issue in 1870 with the emergence of the â€Å"tramp†: these were men that banded together, rode trains illegally and had negative interactions with law enforcement (2001). The movement of the homeless from location to location changedRead MoreThe Perceptions Of Professionals On The Traumatic Event That Triggered ( Ptsd )998 Words   |  4 PagesThe study was conducted to determine from the perceptions of professionals on whether life experiences or becoming homeless was the traumatic event that triggered (PTSD) posttraumatic stress disorder amid the homeless adolescent population of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Participants included 12 professionals with experience of working with ho meless adolescents ages 13-18. A questionnaire was utilized for 14 participants to gather the information for the study, which had an 85Read MoreThe Effects Of Today s Media On The Homeless Community Essay1696 Words   |  7 PagesThe Effect of Today’s Media On the Homeless Community Brad Jones Cisco College Introduction In today’s society, you see an outstanding amount of homelessness in the streets with no sign of stopping anytime in the near future. These numbers continue to climb with the majority of people blaming it on the homeless individual either being too lazy to get a college (sometimes even high school) degree, too lazy to go and at least try to get a job or a combination of both. With this thought process inRead MoreHomelessness : The Homeless, Local Authorities, Commercial Businesses, And Neighborhood Residents954 Words   |  4 Pagesrelationship between the homeless, local authorities, commercial businesses, and neighborhood residents is an important one. Its challenges affect those who wish to help, those in need, and those affected by the causation of the two. The trials of the homeless often include navigating the streets as well as navigating program bureaucracy in an effort to obtain services leaving, often negative, perceptions on residents and businesses. Many assum ptions are made about the homeless and the curious wonderRead MoreThe Latest Video Game System983 Words   |  4 Pagesrelated to the latest smart phone.   No, the unique buzz was concerned with having homeless people wear wireless transmitters.   Homeless people were hired by a marketing agency, BBH Labs, to walk around the conference with mobile Wi-Fi devices so that the attendees of the conference could receive Internet access.   The homeless people were paid $20 a day and allowed to keep any tips given to them.   Thirteen homeless people walked around the conference carrying the device, passing out business cardsRead MoreRob Blisss Video: Homeless Veteran Time-Lapse Transformation858 Words   |  4 PagesIn Rob Bliss’s video â€Å"Homeless Veteran Time-lapse Transformation†, Bliss asserts his claim that society’s perception of your physical appearance is essential to take control of life and be successful. Rob Bliss takes a creative look at the tra nsformation of Jim Wolf, US Veteran, through his physical transformation. Rob Bliss effectively creates his argument with his character choice for this video. Choosing an older man, who clearly by his status has been through many life experiences, appeals directlyRead MoreArgumentative Essay On Homeless Veterans1403 Words   |  6 PagesLike you are already defeated.† (Applewhite  ¶ 17). A quote from a homeless veteran shows how even though he has tried to relieve himself of the homelessness, it does not always end with the outcome that he wants, which leaves him feeling defeated, as well as thousands of others. About â…“ of the homeless population are veterans, and they are usually the ones that need the most help (VA Expands Partnerships  ¶5). The struggle that homeless veterans face everyday in the United States is a growing problem

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The Movie Sunset Boulevard - 1219 Words

The film Sunset Boulevard (1950), directed by Billy Wilder, Norma Desmond exemplified a Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) by being demanding, intense and unstable. These behaviors that are consistent with the elements of abnormality include suffering, social discomfort, dangerousness, and irrationality and unpredictability. The first element that is consistent with Norma Desmond’s character is suffering. Desmond being one of the greatest movie stars in history suffers as she experiences the fall from stardom. She also suffers from identity disturbance as she reaches an unstable self-image notion. In one scene when Desmond recognizes for a moment about her age, she claims, â€Å"Look at me. Look at my hands, look at my face, look under my†¦show more content†¦Fourth element is irrationality and unpredictability as stress-related and paranoia leads to irrational thinking. In the very last scenes of the film, an unpredictable event occurs when Desmond kills Gillas, and all of a sudden she then quickly hurries upstairs to prepare for a movie set while being surrounded by the reporters and police officers. More importantly, with the case of Desmond, the people around her feed her false belief because everyone is aware that she no longer is herself, which leads to Desmond securing herself permanently into her fabricated world, then eventually led to her demise. The film then ends as Desmond experiences the most unpredictable and irrational behavior. The causal models that best represent Norma Desmond’s Borderline Personality Disorder abnormality would be the Biological, Sociocultural, and Cognitive-Behavioral model. Firstly, the biological model helps to determine the causal factors as research suggests that genetics play a significant role in BPD as the text supports, â€Å"people with BPD often appear to be characterized by lowered functioning of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which is involved in inhibiting behavioral responses† (344). Generally, genetics are a main aspect to BPD, however other models help to identify Desmond’s abnormality such as the sociocultural model, which helps to determine further explanations on how the potential impact

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Project Management Performance And Success -Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Project Management Performance And Success? Answer: Introduction Managing of information technology projects has different approaches. It helps in the understanding of different processes that are involved in the information and technical project management processes, the methods used in its analyzing, and approaches employed to identify critical roles and stakeholders in the project. The building blocks of a project master plan and its importance in improving the success of information technology is also looked. A project framework is adapted to write a project master plan, for a simulated real-world contemporary information project is shown. The application of process groups model to manage information technology projects of various complexities and scale is made. Decision-making process and other aspects of the information and management technology is analyzed. Managing information and technology projects The major stages in the traditional approach is a step-by-step approach (Mir and Pinnington, 2014). Its stages are the initiation, planning, production or execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing. The success of the project greatly depends on the initiating stage. Understanding of the business environment is crucial and any deficiencies taken note of and a recommendation made. Activities that take place at this juncture I analyzing requirements of the firm, current operations, finance including a budget, stakeholders, project charter and the strength and weakness of the firm, the available opportunities, and threats. Planning of the project follows the initiation with the aim of accomplishing the set goals of the project. Details are set out on how to plan and scope statement is developed, followed by the selection of a planning team. Doable goals are set out, and a breakdown of work structure created. Activities to take place to achieve the feasible is then identified and organized in a sequence. Estimation of resource required, time and cost are also done then the schedule and budget developed. The risk is planned for, quality assurance measures designed and the program is presented for formal approval. In the execution process, the project management plan doable is executed through allocation and management of the available resources and budgets. At the monitoring and controlling stage, ongoing activities are put to measure. The current development and performance of the project are also measured. Issues and risks are corrected using the formulated corrective action and only approved changes implemented. At the project controlling stage, the progress of the project is tracked. It is ensured to be within the time frame allocated, and the budget. Finally, the closing stage consists the formal acceptance of the project. The contract is closed together with the project. Agile approach The agile approach is flexible and efficient and has its framework. The first framework is scrum that is based upon systematic interactions. It involves roles, sprints, and artifacts. Any obstacle that may prevent the efficient working of the team is eliminated by scrum master who is one of the major systematic interaction functions (Schwalble, 2015). Another role is played by the product owner. He can either be a customer or stakeholder and has an active involvement in every stage of the project. He is expected to give feedback on every job done on the project. The scrum team plays the role of product implementation and consists of up to 7 team members. Sprint is the core unit of work in the scrum and should be a maximum of four weeks for easier planning and tracking of progress. The three top artifacts are the product backlog, sprint backlog and sprint burn down the chart. Extreme programming (XP) in agile approach practices test-driven developments where tests are used to capture any defect of codes in software thus ensuring high-quality products at the end of the project. Agile also uses continuous integration (CI) to eliminate integration issues in projects enabling a rapid deployment of the final products. Pair programming is another of agile practices that are considered controversial this practice spreads the knowledge of the project across team members. Lifecycles In the agile process flow consists of concept, inception, construction, release, production, and retirement. Concepts are first envisioned and prioritized. At beginning team members are then identified, funds allocated and a discussion on requirements made. Working software is delivered based on iteration requirements at the construction stage by developing team members. The final release of iteration into products then follows. Production continues to undergo afterward and at the retirement comes to the end-of-life activities, customer migration and notification is included.The traditional life cycle is a step-by-step process and consists of initiation, planning, execution, performance, and closing of the project. Identifying critical roles and stakeholders In employing system thinking approach, the situation is first defined and consideration of whether the method is applicable. Behavioral patterns are then developed, and the underlying structure evolved then simulated. Leverage points are then identified and an alternative structure formed. Simulation of the alternative structure follows, and an adoption approach developed. Crucial roles In the information and technology projects, critical parts can be identified by employing a system thinking approach. The role of a project manager is one of these functions. The manager identifies projects and deals with them. He also analyzes the goals of the project and formulates ways to achieve the said goals. Project performance is also analyzed by the project manager and its day-to-day development. The project manager is the one to close the project and put into the record the lessons learned from the project. Another role is the role of a team leader. He is the one who initiates projections by actually putting words into action for goals to be achieved. The team leader acts as a model by using his behavior to shape others such as observing of time. Negotiations for the project provides is done by the team leader and serves as a listener to the employees. He coaches team members by encouraging them to maximize their potential. A team leader also partakes in work. A team member is a crucial role, and there is a criterion of one intending to be a team member (Fleming and Koppelman, 2016). Technical skills of the person are taken into consideration, their problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, and organizational skills. Stakeholders They are individuals who are actively involved in projects or have something to lose if the projects fail. The top management is a stakeholder and may consist of companys president, vice-president, directors and division managers. The project team is also a stakeholder. It consists of people working on the project on a part-time basis. Project management plan The first element is the scope management; it helps with the description of what is essential in the project and what should be out. The main products of the project are specified and stipulate a way to measure the performance of the project. Scheduling is the second component. Its contents include precedence diagrams, resource histograms, Gantt charts and project life cycle and they help in showing the key deliverables of a project. The third component is resource management. Every product should have an assignee who takes it responsibility. The project hierarchy is established, the delegation of authority done, and role descriptions made. Lastly, is the budgeting and cost management component. Estimation of cost and budgeting is done and agreed upon. Importance of improving IT project success Project master plan ensures that the end product is part of what was set out in the goals of the project as a method is defined and chaos organized. Delays and overrunning of costs are avoided by project plans as a schedule and plan are established. When people come together in projects, ideas are shared, and inspiration is offered to one another enforcing and encouraging teamwork. Resources are maximized as project plans ensure that resources are used efficiently and economically. Contemporary information technology project Project management plan using a Scrum framework, the project will be estimated to take one hundred and twenty days. A day is dedicated to planning the projects development begins. Meetings are then held daily to check on the progress and factors such as what is completed, what is yet to be completed and the challenges faced in the completion. Project schedule WBS Task Name Duration Start Finish Resource Names 0 Implementation of technology building project 110 days Wed 6/7/17 Tue 11/7/17 1 Starting the project plan 21 days Wed 6/7/17 Wed 7/5/17 1.1 Formation of project steering committee 2 days Wed 6/7/17 Thu 6/8/17 Project Manager, Supporter 1.2 Communicate with other software developers 1 day Wed 6/7/17 Wed 6/7/17 Project Manager, Promoter, Supporter 1.3 Plan the business case 2 days Thu 6/8/17 Fri 6/9/17 Project Manager 1.4 Examine the business case 3 days Mon 6/12/17 Wed 6/14/17 Project Manager 1.5 Identify and meet with the stakeholders 4 days Thu 6/15/17 Tue 6/20/17 1.5.1 Create stakeholder register 4 days Thu 6/15/17 Tue 6/20/17 Marketing consultant, Project Manager 1.6 Define project deliverables 2 days Wed 6/21/17 Thu 6/22/17 Chief information officer, Marketing consultant, Project Manager 1.7 Creation of schedule and budget 3 days Fri 6/23/17 Tue 6/27/17 Chief information officer, Project Manager 1.8 Complete the project charter draft 1 day Wed 6/28/17 Wed 6/28/17 Project Manager 1.9 Finalize the project charter 3 days Thu 6/29/17 Mon 7/3/17 Chief information officer 1.10 Kick off meeting 2 days Tue 7/4/17 Wed 7/5/17 Project Manager 2 Organizing and preparing the project plan 31 days Thu 7/6/17 Thu 8/17/17 2.1 Identification of project risks 19 days Thu 7/6/17 Tue 8/1/17 2.1.1 Risk related meeting 10 days Thu 7/6/17 Wed 7/19/17 Project Manager 2.1.2 Discuss procedural, scope, schedule, cost and management issues 9 days Thu 7/20/17 Tue 8/1/17 Project Manager, technology consultant, 2.2 Recruitment of human resources 5 days Wed 8/2/17 Tue 8/8/17 2.2.1 Hiring of technology specialists and programmers 1 day Wed 8/2/17 Wed 8/2/17 technology consultant 2.2.2 Merger of technology specialists and programmers 1 day Thu 8/3/17 Thu 8/3/17 technology consultant, Marketing consultant 2.2.3 Hiring of information and technology consultant and advertising consultant 1 day Fri 8/4/17 Fri 8/4/17 Project Manager, Marketing consultant 2.2.4 Hiring of programing consultant 2 days Mon 8/7/17 Tue 8/8/17 Project Manager 2.3 Discussion of form of contract 7 days Wed 8/9/17 Thu 8/17/17 Consultant 3 Carrying out the project plan 50 days Fri 8/18/17 Thu 10/26/17 3.1 Identification of project methods 30 days Fri 8/18/17 Thu 9/28/17 3.1.1 Discuss the suitability of agile SCRUM 8 days Fri 8/18/17 Tue 8/29/17 Consultant, Developer ,Project Manager 3.1.2 SDLC based waterfall model 12 days Wed 8/30/17 Thu 9/14/17 Developer ,Project Manager 3.1.3 Problem solving strategy for conflict solution 10 days Fri 9/15/17 Thu 9/28/17 Chief information officer, Consultant, Developer ,Marketing consultant 3.2 Update charter 8 days Fri 9/29/17 Tue 10/10/17 Project Manager, Promoter, Supporter 3.3 Formalize of contract 5 days Wed 10/11/17 Tue 10/17/17 Project Manager 3.4 Hold meeting with manager and consultant 7 days Wed 10/18/17 Thu 10/26/17 Consultant, Project Manager 4 Finishing the project plan 8 days Fri 10/27/17 Tue 11/7/17 4.1 Acceptance of project deliverables 2 days Fri 10/27/17 Mon 10/30/17 Consultant, Project Manager 4.2 Finalizing the lessons learned 1 day Tue 10/31/17 Tue 10/31/17 Chief information officer, Consultant, Project Manager 4.3 Project report 2 days Wed 11/1/17 Thu 11/2/17 Project Manager 4.4 Update as well as archive of documents 1 day Fri 11/3/17 Fri 11/3/17 Project Manager 4.5 Project closure document 2 days Mon 11/6/17 Tue 11/7/17 Project Manager WBS Task Name Duration Start Finish Resource Names 0 Implementation of information and technology project 110 days Wed 6/7/17 Tue 11/7/17 Project activities cost WBS Task Name Duration Resource Names Cost 0 Implementation of information and technology project 110 days $555,000.00 1 Starting the project plan 21 days $104,480.00 1.1 Formation of project steering committee 2 days Project Manager, Supporter $9,440.00 1.2 Communicate with other software developers 1 day Project Manager, Promoter, Supporter $5,920.00 1.3 Plan the business case 2 days Project Manager $6,400.00 1.4 Examine the business case 3 days Project Manager $9,600.00 1.5 Identify and meet with the stakeholders 4 days $17,600.00 1.5.1 Create stakeholder register 4 days Marketing consultant, Project Manager $17,600.00 1.6 Define project deliverables 2 days Chief information officer, Marketing consultant, Project Manager $15,680.00 1.7 Creation of schedule and budget 3 days Chief information officer, Project Manager $19,920.00 1.8 Complete the project charter draft 1 day Project Manager $3,200.00 1.9 Finalize the project charter 3 days Chief information officer $10,320.00 1.10 Kick off meeting 2 days Project Manager $6,400.00 2 Organizing and preparing the project plan 31 days $116,520.00 2.1 Identification of project risks 19 days $84,520.00 2.1.1 Risk related meeting 10 days Project Manager $32,000.00 2.1.2 Discuss procedural, scope, schedule, cost and management issues 9 days Project Manager, Architectural consultant, DBA consultant $52,520.00 2.2 Recruitment of human resources 5 days $20,800.00 2.2.1 Hiring of technology specialists and programmers 1 day Technology consultant, programming consultant $4,400.00 2.2.2 Merger of technology specialists and programmers 1 day Technology consultant, programming consultant, Marketing consultant $5,600.00 2.2.3 Hiring of technology consultant and advertising consultant 1 day Project Manager, Marketing consultant $4,400.00 2.2.4 Hiring of DBA 2 days Project Manager $6,400.00 2.3 Discussion of form of contract 7 days Consultant $11,200.00 3 Carrying out the project plan 50 days $300,160.00 3.1 Identification of project methods 30 days $203,200.00 3.1.1 Discuss the suitability of agile SCRUM 8 days Consultant, Developer ,Project Manager $51,200.00 3.1.2 SDLC based waterfall model 12 days Developer ,Project Manager $57,600.00 3.1.3 Problem solving strategy for conflict solution 10 days Chief information officer, Consultant, programming consultant, Developer ,Marketing consultant $94,400.00 3.2 Update charter 8 days Project Manager, Promoter, Supporter $47,360.00 3.3 Formalize of contract 5 days Project Manager $16,000.00 3.4 Hold meeting with Mick and Tim 7 days Consultant, Project Manager $33,600.00 4 Finishing the project plan 8 days $33,840.00 4.1 Acceptance of project deliverables 2 days Consultant, Project Manager $9,600.00 4.2 Finalizing the lessons learned 1 day Chief information officer, Consultant, Project Manager $8,240.00 4.3 Project report 2 days Project Manager $6,400.00 4.4 Update as well as archive of documents 1 day Project Manager $3,200.00 4.5 Project closure document 2 days Project Manager $6,400.00 WBS Task Name Duration Resource Names Cost 0 Implementation of information and technology project 110 days $555,000.00 Resource cost Resource Name Type Std. Rate Project Manager Work $400.00/hr. Developer Work $200.00/hr. Technology consultant Work $150.00/hr. Marketing consultant Work $150.00/hr. Programmer Work $200.00/hr. Promoter Work $150.00/hr. Supporter Work $190.00/hr. Chief information officer Work $430.00/hr. Consultant Work $200.00/hr. Application of process group models In the group types, possible performance plus process gains and losses result to actual performance. In considering the process increases, one establishes a new way to motivate workers; new technologies are developed, improvement of information systems resulting in improved coordination and communication. Information, ideas, direction, and opinion is also gained together with improved leadership. Process losses include problems in the coordination and reporting, the motivation of workers, lack of new information, ideas or opinions and a problematic system of administration. At the social facilitation in process group models, the presence of others leads to arousal which then determines the performance level. The performance level is said to be impaired if the task carried out is not familiar or is very difficult. On the other hand, performance level can be said to have improved if the function is similar or is very easy. The social loafing group is where there is a tendency of performance to put little or no effort while working in groups. A large number of people doing a task does not mean that the task is being done faster than one person. Conformity occurs when individuals are influenced by groups and end up changing their behavior to match that of the group for compliance to obtain a reward from the group or to avoid costs. High-performance teams are created by members. Resistant people are avoided in the team during placement by considering selecting people with skills and experience. Considering the situation is crucial, goals are clarified, and members undergo intense training. The individual reward is linked to team performance by use of appropriate measures. Members are influenced by the group by encouraged communication, cooperation, and participation. Decision-making process. In solving a range of information technology project issues, the first step is to identify the decision. In the identification of the decision, the technological problem is recognized and decided on addressing it. A determination is then made on why this decision will make a difference in the project. The next step is to gather information on the computer to enable the making of decisions based on facts and data. Only relevant information should be picked and value judgment made (Larson and Grey, 2013). After identifying the issue and its decision, a project manager may seek potential causes of the problem, the individuals involved in the matter not leaving the processes participating in the case. Constraints on the decision-making process are also determined. Identifying of various possible solutions to the issue established is done after one has a clear understanding of the problem. The consideration of alternatives at your disposal helps in the determination of the best cause of action to achieve your goals. The next step will be to weigh the evidence. This process contributes to determining which alternative is best by evaluating for feasibility, acceptability, and desirability. The pros and cons of the decision are considered, and the choice with the highest chance of success is considered. When a time to make a decision comes, the alternatives is where one of the options is chosen. One should be well informed of the pros and cons of the preferred option and its potential risks. The next step is taking action. Here, a plan is created for implementation (Kerzner, 2013). Required resources are identified, and the support of employees and stakeholders sought so that the scheme can be efficiently executed. Arising questions and concerns from the staff and interested parties are then addressed. Reviewing of the decision is done as the last step in the decision-making process. It involves evaluating the effectiveness of the decision and recommending on what can be done in future to improve on the decision. Current issues in IT project management. Firstly is the lack of project mandate in the information and technology project management. The lack of missions and objectives makes the recovering of an at-risk project to improve. Providing an order in a blueprint form for your program is advisable. The mandate should contain business case, project justification, and high-level requirement and success criteria. It should be communicated to every person who is concerned about the project and put into writing with an approved budget as it affects every critical decision on the project. Secondly, unclear expectations is an issue. Even with a mandate at hand, when there is no detail gathering and expectations of stakeholders in an IT project, it becomes an issue. Such details should be put into writing for further references (Fryer, Antony and Douglas, 2015). Thirdly, poor communication between IT and the business. Managing projects is challenging, managers should ensure that miscommunication in the project does not end up derailing their efforts. Both internal and external communications should be well established. Lastly, lack of user input is an issue. Many IT projects are involved with the transformation of business processes (Barke, 2013). Managers should aim to update users on the progress of the project to make the process smoother as end users work with project deliverables. Importance in solving IT problems Adequate disclosure in information and technology management plan is necessary for solving problems because it is through communication that the goals of a project are articulated. Without goals, a project will have problems associated with poor performance and time wastage. After articulation of project goals, better expectations are set on how the goals will be met through communication (Alias, Zawawi, Yousouf and Aris, 2014). When this is done, then the problem of poor performing projects is avoided. Communication also helps in the formulation of a project process that works for everybody. The problem of underperformance and unproductivity of workers is solved. It is through communication that task dependencies and how they will be met are discussed. Effective communication also helps in the communication of risks and issues and how they can be solved (Wilhinson, 2016). In projects, communication helps in the understanding of one anothers roles and everyones impact on the project. It further helps in the building of a strong bond within the team members of a project. Furthermore, communication promotes individuals working on projects to enjoy their jobs. Significance of Software quality in projects Ensuring high software quality in projects is important (Srimath, Dinesh and Suthuraman, 2017). Defective software in projects causes an effect to the bottom-line and leads to financial losses. Defective software can also delay the launching of projects because work on the product will be repeated. Fixing a faulty software is costly and causes incurring of unplanned for excessive costs to the project. Conclusion In conclusion, many aspects need to be considered in information and technology project management. Every aspect of the project is crucial for the project to achieve the goals it has set out. Proper procedures and systems should be adhered to when carrying out of projects. The planning of the project is the key essential to achieving desired results in a project. Lastly, communication should be effective in the project to improve on the results of the project. References Alias, Z., Zawawi, E. M. A., Yusof, K., Aris, N. M. (2014). Determining critical success factors of project management practice: A conceptual framework. Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 153, 61 Burke, R. (2013). Project management: planning and control techniques. New Jersey, USA. Fleming, Q. W., Koppelman, J. M. (2016, December). Earned value project management. Project Management Institute. Fryer, K. J., Antony, J., Douglas, A. (2015). Critical Success Factors of Continuous Improvement in the Public Sector: A review of literature and some key findings.-69. Kerzner, H. (2013). Project management: a systems approach to planning, scheduling, and controlling. John Wiley Sons. Larson, E. W., Gray, C. 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